Sohmer Associates
Sohmer Associates was founded in 2003 by Adam Sohmer, a veteran of several of the top public relations agencies. Having spent more than 20 years working as a tech PR specialist for large firms as well as small boutiques, Sohmer understands that clients need senior-level talent working on the day-to-day challenges of their business – not just stepping in occasionally to see how the junior staff are getting along.

Sohmer decided to start his own PR agency to provide clients with the senior-level support they need to compete in today’s complex and mercurial marketplace. His years of experience in and dedication to the consumer electronics and high-tech markets, as well as the pro audio and home theater sectors, have given him a tremendous advantage in understanding and anticipating the needs, challenges, trends, and technologies that drive his clients’ businesses.

Having employed social networking strategies for clients and provided public relations counsel for a digital marketing agency, he has consistently stayed ahead of trends in the business to ensure that Sohmer Associates offers its clients the full-range of services traditionally only available at larger agencies. In addition, by forming flexible partnerships with other seasoned PR professionals, Sohmer Associates is able to provide its clients a breadth of high-end services at reasonable rates.

To learn more about Sohmer Associates, including the services we offer and what distinguishes us from other public relations agencies, please visit our Web site.

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